New Brighton Pier & Hot Pools


New Brighton Pier is well worth the visit, you can walk out to the end of the pier, where you’ll most likely see fishermen trying their luck, with an audience of sea birds waiting for scraps. The views from the pier are fabulous,  you can see down both sides of the beach and back towards the Port Hills.

There’s a cafe / restaurant at the base of New Brighton Pier, but if you’re looking for a bit more variety you can head across the road and into the little town centre.

The Hot Pools:

The Hot Pool complex occupies around 1900 square m of beach front area at, between the new playground and the existing car park, at the site of the old whale pool.

With five of the hot saltwater pools temp ranging in temperature from 40C to 28C which includes a fitness pool and a smaller plunge pool be around 11C giving plenty for Christchurch to choose from.

There are four zones of family passive, therapeutic, active, and family zones giving Christchurch great options.